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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Buddha said “There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”

Money is never the real issue.

When I see coaching clients they sometimes come with an issue involving money. What I have discovered over the years is that money is never the real issue, there is always something deeper going on. This does not mean that you shouldn’t explore better strategies for improving your finances. It means that money is never the real issue to primarily focus on. The real issue is whether or not you are living the life you want to live. The real issue is whether you are on purpose in your life. The real issue is whether you are doing the things you want to do. Whether or not you are making the kind of difference you want to make in the world. In a study of successful and wealthy people, the main finding was that the majority of successful people are both doing what they love and what they are good at.

Prosperity is about having enough

By and large we live in a world that is addicted to scarcity. Even though we have enormous wealth this has not reduced the amount of problems or fear in the world. If anything the world has become an even more anxiety producing place. Prosperity is about having enough it is about having enough money and other good things in your life. It is about having enough inner resources such as creativity, imagination, joy, peace, personal power. It is also about having access to external resources such as money, supportive networks, time, enjoyable and rewarding work. Prosperity is about living a whole and fulfilling life, it is not about fretting about pensions or investments. Prosperity comes in developing a consciousness of knowing that there is always enough.

Prosperity happens from the inside out

There is no universal definition of prosperity, it is important that you define prosperity for yourself. If you were prosperous what kind of life would you be living? What would you be doing that you are not doing now? You will notice I did not say what would you be owning or possessing that you do not now? It is important to know how you define prosperity and then focus your attention towards that and away from how you define scarcity. When you consciousness is more focused towards what you want then you are more likely to set meaningful goals and visualise the things you want. You are more likely to speak about what you want and take steps to create what you want.
Both prosperity and scarcity happen on the inside before it happens on the outside. Both are ways of thinking, feeling, choosing, perceiving, speaking and acting.
Scarcity = internal states such as anxiety, fear, constriction, contraction, helpless, insecure, anxiety, denial, fantasy, serious, heavy, pessimism, cynical, limitation, and problem thinking.
Prosperity = internal states such as adventure, awareness, celebration, creativity, expansion, empowered, fulfilment, hopeful, humour, joy, possibility, playful, and vision.
When you learn how to maintain a high prosperity state on the inside then you cannot help but see hear and touch a different world.

You can learn to be lucky with wealth

Money as energy can be attracted, directed or repelled by the core state of our consciousness. The biggest attractors are gratitude, enthusiasm, passion, inspiration, vision and the great repelling forces are anxiety, confusion, doubt, desperation, fear, guilt, and low self-worth.
Some people just seem lucky when it comes to money. Luck is a strategy. For over ten years psychologist Richard Wiseman conducted a research project into luck. He researched people who experienced persistent good or bad luck throughout their lives. He worked for several years with over a thousand volunteers examining their personality differences on a number of different levels. His findings were revealing, he found that lucky people are more likely to achieve their dreams and ambitions because they think differently to unlucky people. They expect to be happy and successful and see bad luck as being short lived. Lucky people tend to persevere in pursuit of their dreams or goals and they can turn misfortune into good fortune. Lucky people tend to enjoy meeting and connecting with people, they use body language that people find attractive and inviting, they smile and make eye contact more than unlucky people and they tend to have more open body language. They are more likely to initiate conversations and are more effective at ‘building secure and long lasting attachments.’ They create strong network of friendships and optimise there chances of a lucky encounter. His research points to luck being something we generate ourselves.

To open to prosperity, stop complaining and blaming
One of the greatest blocks to success and prosperity is having a mind that is constantly on the lookout to blame others and complain about life. Stop judging other people and start blessing there good fortune. Stop blaming others and external situations for things not working out as you would have liked. It is important to start thinking in the positive because your unconscious does not understand things phrased in the negative. For instance try not thinking about a pink elephant. Or try not thinking about that problem you have. You see it is impossible. If you judge the rich then your unconscious mind will deduce that you do not want to be rich because you do not want to be judged.
Start to take responsibility for your life, choices and actions. Instead of putting any energy into blaming or complaining put your energy into creating some meaningful goals and look at all the choices available to you. It is likely that you will miss out on some interesting opportunities if you continue to put your energy into looking for what is wrong in a situation. So start to look for what is right instead!

Dream big and set some meaningful goals

It is important to both be able to dream big and to set both short term and long term goals. Focus on what you want rather than on what you do not want. Some people are motivated to avoid pain and problems in their lives. In NLP they call this an away from strategy. Others are motivated towards achieving their goals and dreams, in NLP they call this a towards strategy. It is a bit like the carrot and the stick. The carrot entices us forward and the stick forces us forward. Most people motivate themselves through a combination of the carrot and the stick.
Know your motivation strategy. If it is exclusively around avoiding problems, then start to include something you want to happen. Think about the dreams of your life. What would you love to do if money were not an issue? Many dreams do not require very much money to realise them. When you have a dream such as more travel or more adventure or more fun and laughter then set some meaningful goals to help you move forward towards the dream.

Take Small Steps in Pursuit of Your Dreams

Perseverance is the way. The Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, advises us to take small steps. There are three principles to bear in mind about effective change: Small changes are easier to commit to than massive leaps;
Small changes are easier to instigate and integrate; Small changes add up to incredible change over time. As Lao Tzu says "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Focus on what you are good at.
In order to move into earning money from what you want to do start to focus on your strengths. Even if you are in a job you do not enjoy what are the things you do well there? Start to know where your talents and gifts are. Then play to your strengths. So if you are good at creating websites focus on that and if you are good at selling then focus on doing that. Do not try and be a jack of all trades, which means trying to do everything yourself. This is particularly relevant if you run your own business. You cannot do everything yourself. A friend of mine gave me an interesting piece of advice he received from a millionaire. Take a piece of paper and write down 7 things you are good at and want to do in the world. Anything that is not on this list do not spend time doing, get someone else to do it for you.

Allow prosperity to come to you from many directions.
When I had a full time job I believed that the only way money could come to me was through my 9-5 job. Now it comes to me from many different directions. The more ways that money can flow to you the better. Even if you have a full time job there are many ways you can make money elsewhere. Particularly with the explosion of trading online you can find many new ways to sell your skills and expertise.

Money is a form of feedback.

Money is one way to gauge how well you are doing in the world. It is not the only kind of feedback available, or the most important. Money is one source of feedback. There are others, intuition, gut feeling, and what other people say and do in response to you. In NLP there is a saying ‘There is no failure only feedback’. Do not use feedback in a failure frame. Instead use it to confirm your course or adjust your actions. Do not use any kind of feedback to confirm that you are a bad or stupid person.
Just important as the quantity of money flowing through your life is the quality that comes with that financial flow. Some people have a rich quantity and a poor quality. The question to ask is how much joy or fulfilment do you experience with your money flow. Do you love the way money comes to you? Do you love the way you spend your money?

You can be prosperous and spiritual.

It's a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money. One of the lessons of life is to be able to marry spiritual and material success. You are here to manifest your reality successfully, to create your life from the inside out. You are here to learn how to have fun, to play, be creative, live life as an adventure, stretch, and be all that you can be. You are here to learn about being in the flow, create miracles and make a difference.

Blessings, Steve Nobel


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A Question of Faith.....

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hi there,
After my recent webinar called Dreaming Your World Into Being I received the following email from Jo:

Dear Steve,
Thanks I listened to your talk last night it was fantastic and helped me a lot.
I wrote a question to you about how I got hit by a cyclist whilst crossing a pedestrian crossing
on the day I asked for a 'sign' if all this manifestation stuff is true.
It was a nasty manifestation ( I hurt my leg very badly)but I recon my unconscious mind wasn't looking left and right that day open to anything, rather dangerous.
Also I always wondered why I got so much bad luck when I'm a jolly sort of person who likes themself and is optimistic. Cheers and thanks again Jo

Interesting question, my answer was on two levels, thought you would like to read it:

Hi Jo, here is my answer which is on two levels:
1. Your question itself contained a presupposition of doubt. When I learned tarot many years ago I discovered that if you doubted the original reading and asked for another the cards always came back as gobbledook because of the question.
The quality of the messages from the Universe depends on the quality of your questions. If you asked a question for example such as what is my next step in this area of my life the question is specific and also presupposes that you will get a useful answer.

2. You may still have some beliefs that it is dangerous to play with magic or with spirit, could be from this life, most likely from other lifetimes. This is very common with older souls who have been persecuted for following a spiritual path. I trained in something called Spiritual Response Therapy which was very good for clearing out such issues. Also I trained in Theta Healing which is equally as powerful.
Hope this helps.
Love Steve
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