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Sunday, September 7, 2008

For me it is important to enjoy what I do. For many years I have followed the principle ‘follow your bliss’ which means I only do work (although it hardly feels like work most of the time) that feels joyful and abundant, and I avoid doing things that feels dull, hard or a struggle.

The idea ‘follow your bliss’ is not new, it originates from Joseph Campbell, the amazing author and mythologist who helped to inspire the blockbuster film Star Wars. Joseph Campbell was a maverick and thought that most people do not follow what feels joyful; instead they follow that which seems sensible, reasonable, and logical. Even worst some follow what they feel they should being doing in life. Of course all of this is a recipe for great unhappiness.

When you follow your bliss you start to do things differently. I have been interested in living an abundant and magical life for many years. Living a magical life means opening up to something new. If you experience stress and struggle in your life then opening to even a little abundance, joy, play and passion will seem new to you.

When you follow your bliss you will start to desire to help others live magical and meaningful lives. Living a magical life is a possibility that exists within everyone. However, most people just do not know how to access that possibility.

When you follow your bliss strange things start to happen. You break old routines and old limited ways of thinking and feeling. You begin to feel happy for no reason. You open yourself up to new possibilities in life. You then start to see and experience a new world. Some research has shown that the most effective way to break an old habit is to do something slightly different for 30 days. So if you want to change your work you could start by taking a different way to and from work for 30 days. This will definitely give you a new perspective.

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