You Create Your reality..but only 100% of the Time...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hi there,

I have been interested for many years in the idea that we create our own reality. I have studied with a number of amazing metaphysical and magical teachers and have come to accept that we allow, create, or invite our experience but only 100% of the time.

We create our experiences through the actions we take, the thoughts we think, what we put our attention on (either possibilities or problems), what we habitually feel, and what we deeply believe to be true about ourselves and our world.

In the conventional point of view it is believed that we have very little power to shape our reality and that powerful external forces are what shape our existence. Some people believe that governments shape their reality and of course there is some truth in this. We are social beings and naturally create all kinds of structures that shape reality. Some people believe that their family shapes their existence and of course there is some truth in this. Power flows through families systems and racial systems and we can draw upon all kinds of resources through such structures.

However, we create our experience in relation to these structures according to our beliefs about them and ourselves. If we believe that we are powerful beings and that we live in a loving and supportive universe then our experience in such structures will be different than if we believe we have no power within such groups and that our lives are determined by them.

One client of mine believed that he was powerless and that he lived in a hostile universe. He gradually changed this deep belief and found that the groups he belonged to were supporting this old view of himself. He stayed for awhile in these groups but found that it was increasingly painful. In time he left and found more supportive groups that agreed with his new idea about reality.

Steve Nobel
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