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Monday, September 8, 2008

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Know an important area where people often have difficulty is that of belief. Every religion or faith starts out as a set of teachings or ideas that eventually crystalises around a theology or set of dogmatic beliefs. Now many wars have been fought over different groups that believe different things. People often get in hot water through promoting or defending a set of beliefs.
Every spiritual path offers a set of ideas or beliefs for people to try out. A spiritual path becomes a cult when individuals are given a set of beliefs that they must adopt and believe in without question. I know what I am talking about because I have been involved in 2 cults (3 if you include the Catholic Church).

Spirituality is about direct experience and is not about belief. Belief is an important platform to attain experience, both practical and spiritual. The important thing is my experience. If I am not experiencing what I want to experience then I need to look at shifting my beliefs. This is always possible and something to consider doing on a regular basis.

The interesting thing about most religions is that belief is central and cannot be changed. Whereas sny spiritual path worth its salt will have you question your beliefs. The Buddha was a great spiritual master and teacher who encouraged his students to constructively question everything no matter the source. Some of the best teachers I have heard say "today I believe this, tomorrow I may think something else".

Spiritual coaching is a vehicle for exploring belief and whether your existing beliefs serve you in the way you would like. Coaching is a great medium for exploring and trying out new ideas and then seeing the results.

Steve Nobel
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