2012....Bring It On!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The energies on the planet are strong at the moment because we are in the last chunk of time leading up to the 2012 pivital point. For thousands of years the dominant energies on the planet have been control, greed and manipulation. But now the planet is in a period of intense ascension and it will become increasingly difficult to maintain these old fear-based structures.

Of course there are some dark spots on the planet where old karma is still coming to the surface in difficult ways to be cleared. At the same time many awakened souls are being born here to help birth a different paradigm on the earth. And many of us who have been here for some years have held the light during many challenging times. it has not always seems certain that the light would triumph, but triumph it has!

Now the vibration of abundance, joy, and love are increasing on the planet and that is going to be challenging and very uncomfortable for many beings. But not for beings like you and me!

Steve Nobel
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