Why We Resist Following Our Dreams....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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Now where we were? Oh yes, talking about resisting stepping forward. The thing to understand about resistance is that it is a normal and a potentially helpful part of the human condition. At its best resistance helps us slow down and evaluate, it can help us to avoid the things that distract us from our heart's true calling. At its worst it stops us from truly living life to its full potential, it locks us in constant anxiety, confusion, doubt or whatever is your chosen means of resisting life.

You can think about resistance like the brake on a car. Now the accelerator would be your drive and passion to move towards a goal. The brake would be your sense of caution or wanting to take things slowly. Now having a brake in a car is very useful, but not if the brake is on all of the time. Some people live life with their resistance firing up almost constantly throughout their day.

If you take my advice use resistance wisely, make it an ally rather than an opponent. Resistance is trying to help you in some way. When you discover what it is really trying to do for you (usually some form of protection) then you can assess what the resistance id trying to do for you and consciously decide whether to proceed or not. The more unaware of your resistance patterns the stronger they will be able to block you in life. When you become more conscious of your resistance programs they will have less power over you.

Steve Nobel
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