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Monday, September 8, 2008

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Performance in any field is not just about doing what needs to be done, it is about setting high standards and seeking to consistently meet and exceed those standards. Optimum performance is about expression and taking ownership of one's inner potential.

In sports the measurement of performance is often simple, how fast did the runner run the set distance, how many balls were kicked into the net in the 90 minutes, by how many points was the game won in the tennis match. Motivation is fairly easy to arouse with the various financial and social benefits of winning or excelling at some sporting activity. In other fields results may be slower to come by in comparison. Few entrepreneurs achieve the same acclaim given to sports heroes.

Performance is not only about excelling it is also about learning. Doing something well is also motivating. Perhaps doing something well can also be fun. Performance coaching is about setting high standards and the means in order to consistently attain those same high standards. It is about learning new ways of thinking, feeling and doing activities in order to get better results, in whatever way the term 'better results' is defined.

People that can benefit from performance coaching are those moving towards a goal, dream or project. Performance can relate to communication, to relating, to building something new, to obtaining some tangible result. It is perfectly suited for personal and business endevours.

Steve Nobel
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