The World is a Mirror....

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hi there,

Did you know that you live in a magical reality? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. Well the thing is that this dimension of existence has been set up so that you can receive feedback on your inner world of attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and choices. Your outer world is but a mirror for your inner world of vibration. For instance this means that when you change or expand one core belief about yourself or your world then your reality will, in time, reflect that inner shift.

Now it also works the other way around. When you take a courageous step in your world despite any internal resistance then this has the effect of changing your internal world. Once you have faced and moved through one fear your whole psyche shifts in accordance with the magnitude of the courageous step.

Now spiritual coaching uses this principle of inner/outer reflection to help a client move easily and gracefully towards their goals. Coaching works on both the inner and the outer so that there is a harmonious movement between the two to a higher plane of vibration and co-existence.

Steve Nobel
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