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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Subject: RE: Dear Steve, *Your* Prosperity Thought...
Hi Steve,

Many thanks for today's thoughts, but for me at least the thought raises a question that I'm hoping you can help me with.

Does thinking about the tangible that we wish to attract, by the very nature of the process advocate attachment? And isn't attachment the root of all suffering?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this as it's a double-bind that I'm currently experiencing.
Kind Regards,

Hi Andrew,

A great question since attachment (and aversion) leads to suffering, as the Buddha tells us.It is possible to envision something and be unattached to how it arises in the world.

Envisioning love is different than wishing a certain person love you. It is possible to make love without lust, it is possible to own millions and be free of attachment to money and it is possible to birth children into the world and be free of any desire to control or fashion them.

A gardener that plants a seed and gives the seed the right environment to grow and then leaves the seed to blossom in its own way is not hindering the process of creation but aiding it. A gardener that plants a seed and constantly digs it up to check on its process is hindering the process of creation. A gardener that is desperate for the seed to grow faster is hindering the process.

If there is a double bind going on I would check what you believe to be true about creating and attracting things in your life. Perhaps you do not believe it is possible to create without being attached to your creation. Perhaps you believe that the act of creation binds you in some way to this world. When you change the core belief that is causing the difficulty then you will change this aspect of your experience.

Hope this helps.
Steve Nobel
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