Get Specific About What You Want....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hi there,

Outcome thinking is about getting very specific about what you want. This means thinking about the intangible qualities you want to attract such as adventure, creativity, freedom, love or passion. It also means thinking about the more tangible things you want such as rewarding and inspiring work in a certain industry, a spacious and beautiful home in a certain area, and loving and supportive relationships. The more specific you can get the better. When you can see, hear or touch the life you want to create then it is easier to create that future. if you have no idea what you want then how can you create it.

Oh, I hear some of you say, I will leave all of that up to the Universe. Well what if the Universe does not care what you do with your life what then? Why do you think they call this the planet of free will? You can choose your reality or choose to abdicate all responsibility for your life. Why not just get a little more specific about what you want? A few minutes a day can help to change your reality to one that is more to your liking. It does not serve you or anyone else to create your world in a way that generates unhappiness.

Steve Nobel
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