Raising Your Vibration....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


There have been times when it was not safe to shine too brightly. You have almost certainly lived other lives where you were hurt or killed for daring to step outside of the box of political and religious dogmatic thinking. There are still some places on the earth where it is not safe to challenge the beliefs of the collective consciousness.

But by and large it is safe, particularly in the Western world, to step away from limited believing and thinking. It is safe to adopt a spiritual lifestyle and to raise your vibration through meditation, mindfulness, prayer and ritual. Today how about finding one way to raise your vibration a little closer to Oneness. You can do this by focusing on joy, laughter, or gratitude throughout the day. When you discover how to raise your vibration then comes the next stage, learning how to stabilise in that new level consistently.

Steve Nobel
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