Get Into the Wealthy Flow....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


To live a wealthy life you must be prepared to go with the flow. Going with the flow is an idea that comes from Taoist philosophy. The flow is life force energy and is like water in that it is fluid and not always predictable.

Let me give you some practical ideas about going with the flow. Sometimes a situation may work well for a period of time and then it stops working well. Hanging onto this situation will take you out of the flow. The only way to return to the flow is to release the situation. Sometimes an idea may work brilliantly for a time and then it stops working. The only way to return to the flow is to release the idea and wait until a better one comes along. Sometimes a project may feel very inspiring and then suddenly it seems less so.

Flow starts to happen, particularly when you feel stuck by letting go of ideas and habitual ways of thinking and doing. Flow starts to happen by taking a risk that feels wise to the heart. Flow starts to happen by doing something different each day. Flow starts to happen by engaging with the world around you. Flow starts to happen when you align with your values and with the spirit that guides your life.

Flow is often acheived through a process of elimination rather than accumulation. Let go and trust that their is a force active in your life that is a zillion times wiser and more informed than your small ego self (or should I say selves)!

Steve Nobel
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