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Monday, September 15, 2008


One of the spiritual reasons people choose to incarnate onto the earth is that it is a great place to learn how to attract, create and manifest reality. This is because this plane of existense is relatively dense and because it is ruled by laws of time and space. Unlike in the dream worlds here you must do a little work to create an external manifestation of your inner desire and intent.

Here you give birth to an inspiring dream through: processing your beliefs about it happening; visualising it happening and trusting that it will happen in the perfect way. Then you have to wait and allow the Universe to work through the laws of time and space to bring it to you.
Now this process has been called cosmic ordering which gives the impression that you are in a kind of cosmic supermarket where you can order anything you wish. In some ways this is so but the point of this is not to become a spiritual shopper, the point is that you are learning the process of creating heaven on earth. You need to do this so that those coming after you will have the possibility of creating miracles anchored into their DNA.

Can you imagine how this world will be when the majority of beings here have the consciousness that they can create a heaven on earth? Seems to me a good enough reason to want to come back again!

Steve Nobel

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