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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


You have probably heard the concept that you create your reality. You may even have heard about the Law of Attraction and how you attract (or repel) your reality. Well there is another less known spiritual law that is worth knowing about if you want to be a conscious creator of your reality. The Law of Resonance is one of the main laws that help to shape of your reality.

Consider the example of two people walking down the street towards one another. One is feeling joyful and inspired about life and the other is feeling depressed and oppressed by life. They meet and chat for several minutes. The joyful one walks away feeling less joyful about the world. The depressed person walks away feeling more uplifted. Similar situations to this one could easily happen to you everyday in different ways.

The Law of Resonance is there also in relation to your goals. A goal is something that is resonating at a higher level than you at present. So lets say you are earning £40,000 a year and want to earn £60,000 a year. Your current level of energy and vibration is attracting or creating £40K. To lift to £60K you need to raise your vibration to a level that is in resonance with your goal of £60K.

There are many ways to raise your energy or vibration. One is clearing out old thoughts and feelings that keep you resonating at a lower level. The other is through a discipline of working with energies such as focus, excitement, gratitude, inspiration, joy, passion, and wonder.

Steve Nobel
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