Dreaming of Miracles.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Did you know that you are capable of achieving everything you have ever dreamed of creating in your life? Oh yes you are! I know this is a big statement but it is something that I know to be true. I just want to share the good news with you. Ok you want a little more information. OK, the first thing to know is that some dreams are a bigger stretch than others. The trick is to work first on creating some smaller ones so that you can build up your self-belief, skills and other resources in creating the bigger ones.

How about giving some space to your dreams today? Go on, bring them out into the daylight and take a look at them. How would it feel to be living them at some point in the future? Do not wait too long to realise them. String your dreams together and put some energy today in creating them.

When you focus on a goal you are creating a mental blueprint to help you realise your goal. When you start to feel the feelings of having that goal you create a wave of emotional energy that will energise your mental blueprint. When you do this consistently you will see your problems start to disappear and your goals gradually form and appear in your reality. In a sense this is pure magic! The more you practise the better you will get in producing miracles.

Steve Nobel
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