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Thursday, September 11, 2008

I received this message a few days ago in response to one of my prosperity thoughts

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your continued prosperity thoughts, i value them greatly and they always seem to resonate with where im at. This mornings particularly has got me thinking about an area ive often resisted. Whether my life is dictated by my own personal responsibility/free will for everything or whether there is some kind of natural unfoldment at play.

I dont quite know what to make of it but i guess the changes im experiencing now are the result of the unconscious beliefs/patterns that i observed and changed a few months ago. Even though events are seeming to unfold naturally is that just because I changed the beliefs allowing a new path to be forged. My heart says yes i have a co creative power to shape my own path but i wonder whether the use of my own free will/intent to create a certain way thats to my liking is in fact my ego or not and whether my natural path will reveal itself in the moment.

If you could shed any light on this confusion itd be very helpful to me.
Thanks again for your messages Steve,

And my response was:

Hi Gareth,

It is a combination of both, if you take the analogy of sailing a ship there are times when the captain is more in control and can guide events and there are times when it is a question of going with the flow or the strongest wind. We do have a co-creative power to shape our destiny. The same force that flows through the sun stars earth oceans and forests also flows through you.

Every spiritual path advocates a surrender of the lower will to the higher. Then you are truly in a co-creative relationship with the divine. If there ever seems to be a battle going on it is usually where the lower will is resisting the higher. The trick is to surrender to your higher self, when your higher mind is in control of your destiny then your ego is not.

On the spiritual journey there can come the time of the wilderness or the dark night of the soul. Here the guiding light of spirit does not seem present. it can be a time of confusion. Such a time often comes before a big breakthrough in life. It can also come before a powerful initiation into more light and consciousness.

If you follow your joy and what increases your energy and vibration then you are on a path that is in alignment with your higher will. If you find your energy falling then it is likely that you are pushing in a direction that is not in alignment with your higher will. Now you can be heading in a direction that is in alignment with your higher will and feel resistance such as fear or doubt. When you engage the resistance and move through it the resitance often turns to a higher feeling such as excitement. Fear can turn to excitement and doubt can turn to clarity and so on.

Hope this helps.
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