Can I Do Anything About Negative Thinking.....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I received the following email today from Tehran.

Hi, Dear Steve
many thanks you corrected me . I' ve always liked somebody correct me .
as you know for one year I am working on my mind from last september to this september .
when I found out " THE LAW OF ATTRACTION" in that time I was depressed ,suspen and some times I blame for whatever I did and for whatever I didn't ......
after that I made a decision to do these.

and now I want to know if I did well or not???? please tell me.
1. I decided not to talk negative people or listen to them etc.
2.I tried to think positively
3,.I tried to be happy but it', still hard for me .....
4.I recorded my positive sentences like ( I am becoming wealthier and wealthier everyday in every way) it takes me 30 hours to listen to them
5. I put a headphnoe and listen to my voice evernight before sleep and also everymorning before I get up.
6.when I go to my work I try to think ......or feel whatever I want, I have .....(I mean to cheat my subconsciuos.7.before sleep I work with my computer to see dallor's picture I have in my pc.
but you know some negative things finally attack me.

Dear Steve , please tell me what I should do and What I shouldn't do .as I said before I live in Tehran ........I would like to be in your workshop ,I desire, I love it to be there and to learn how to manifest my wishes ,my passion or somethingelse..........but what a pity I can't come ......I can't be there ....

thanks beforehand if you answer my question as usual.
Be well
farzi from Iran

Phew, what a question and here is my response

Dear Farzimor,
In response to your email here is what I have to say:

Accept yourself and where you are at the moment.
Blame and judgement are useless to you.
Give them up and practise blessing others and seeing the good in other people.

Forgive your past and process your beliefs.
What you believe to be true you will attract to yourself.
Process what you believe about good and bad.
Your judgements about what is wrong with your life or with others will block you from living a full and joyful life.

When a thought enters your mind that brings your energy down notice it and stop the thought.
When a judgmental or fearful thought enters your mind stop the thought and imagine it being cancelled by a big red cross. Imagine ripping up the thought as if it were a photograph and find a new thought, one that inspires and uplifts you.
For a while it will seem like a conflict until your unconscious mind gets the idea and sends you more inspiring peaceful and joyful thoughts.

Meditate to clear your energy bodies, your mind and your emotions. Focus on what you want and stop giving mental or emotional energy to what you do not want.Spend 5 minutes a day visualising what you want.Read a book that inspires you. Find friends that support you. Dance and laugh as often as you can.
Celebrate all the small wins in life.

Do something different each day.
Do something each day to inspire yourself and to life up others.

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