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Thursday, September 11, 2008


You create reality from the baseline of your beliefs. Being human means that you will hold beliefs about every area of your life. What you consciously think is true may not be what your subconscious mind believes to be true. Where they are in alignment there will be a fairly smooth creation of reality. Where they are not your conscious mind may find it a little upsetting that certain patterns keep repeating in your life. If you are not happy with the results in any area of your life then it is quite likely that your subconscious mind is holding limited beliefs about this area.

Your conscious mind may seek more money yet your subconscious mind may believe, for example, that money is evil. You may be consciously seeking a relationship but if your subconscious believes that love never works out and that sexual liaisons lead to suffering then it is likely that you will not create a joyful relationship.

Our beliefs have many sources:

From this life, where they are created mostly in the formative years.This is because as children we do not have the capacity to question or evaluate the opinions of those seemingly older and wiser than ourselves;

Ancestral beliefs that are passed down through the generations, so if something happened to a grandparent this experience and meaning is passed down through the DNA;

Past Lives, where beliefs can be created from challenging or traumatic experiences. Imagine being killed for having money or being imprisoned for speaking your truth. Get the picture?

The subconscious is powerful and it is said to hold around 95% of our mental capacity with the conscious mind holding around 5%. However, you can consciously change your subconscious beliefs through becoming more aware of them and then starting to consciously believe something more useful. All of our beliefs are stories that we tell ourselves are true so we can just as easily make up new more empowering stories.

You will know what you believe to be true by the results you are seeing and experiencing in the world. When you manage to change a core belief about yourself or reality then your life will shift and you will experience a different result.

Steve Nobel
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