Attracting What You Want......

Thursday, September 11, 2008


There is a simple equation around attracting what you want or in other words manifesting your dreams:

When v = a clear and specific sense or vision of what you want
And x = the belief that it is both possible and acheivable
And y = your inner sense that you deserve this miracle to happen
And z = you have a workable strategy to acheive your vision then....

v + x + y + z = 'bingo'

Now the first three elements relate to inner work and the fourth to work you need to do in the world. This formula can also work when the first three elements are in place but not the fourth, thus.....

v + x + y + (z) = 'bingo'

Here you have a vision, a sense of belief and deserving. But after doing all of this inner work you are not sure how to acheive this goal in the world. Do not worry, the inner work can attract the means for the goal to happen. You do not always need a clear strategy up front. You could include in your inner work some thought to the resources you would need to attract to make this goal happen such as supportive people with specific skills and talents.

The most important thing is that you do the inner work necessary to align your conscious desire with your subconscious ability to make what you want happen in the world. The magic happens when both are aligned. Enjoy playing with this one.

Steve Nobel
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