The World is Your Mirror....

Monday, September 15, 2008


Did you know that you live in a magical reality? Some of you certainly do. Well the thing is that this dimension of existence has been set up so that you can receive feedback about your inner world of attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and choices. Now this is really useful. Without this kind of feedback you can find out what you believe think feel and expect on the inside.

Whatever circumstance or person you attract in your life is telling you something about what you believe and expect on the inside. Now this is a reason to celebrate even if you do not like the circumstances or person very much. When you have found what they are reflecting about you then you can change on the inside. If you successfully change on the inside then the reflection will change or disappear.

Your outer world is a mirror for your inner world. When you change or expand one core belief about yourself or your world then your reality will, in due time, reflect that inner shift. This is a spiritual law and all beings come under this law regardless of class, gender or race.
Do not blame yourself if you do not like the reflections very much. This is useless and will only leave you feeling bad about yourself. Every being on this earth holds contradictory or limited thoughts and beliefs about what if possible. If you take my advice you will use everything for your upliftment and growth.

Now here's another tip, you can use this principle of refection to change your inner world. Since the outer world is a mirror reflection you can change your inner world by taking certain actions in your external world. When you step through any fear or any other internal resistance and do something you find scary or difficult then this will shift what you believe is possible or acheivable. This in turn will help you take more effective actions in the future.

Magic or what?
Steve Nobel


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