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Friday, October 31, 2008

“You can step into a magical reality at the point where you have had enough of your old reality of pain, lack and suffering.” – Steve Nobel

Living abundantly on the planet is as very much an ancient art form. If you are interested in living abundantly then you are also probably interested in living magically. Magic has been practised on the planet for thousands of years. Shamans were the ancient magicians and wise ones that knew how to connect with the unseen worlds of consciousness, energy and spirit for guidance, healing, help, and magic. Today there are very few awakened magicians or wise people working magically because we have been educated in believing that we live in a rational and mechanistic universe.

People think that the economy is determined by rational laws. Economists have yet to come up with a unified theory that explains how the global economies work. This will never happen as long as they look for rational explanations. The economy is driven by human needs, perceptions and behaviour and as we all know this is not always rational. For instance billions of pounds can be added to the economy or wiped away by intangibles such as confidence. Similarly billions of pounds worth of trade is generated by the quality and depth of relationships between people trading money for goods or services.

So you see you do not live in a totally rational or mechanistic Universe. You live in a magical Universe and in such a place money is not just pieces of paper that exchange hands. Money is a form of energy and it needs to be thought of as such. Your unconscious mind, the part of you that generates your reality for you, knows how to work with energy. You just need to train it to work with money as energy.

So now that being said here is a money attraction exercise for you. Think of money for a moment and all the things you hope it will bring you. Then ask your unconscious to give you a symbol that represents you having the things you think money will bring you. This symbol can be anything from a handful of gold coins, to a flowing river, to an abundant garden. Be patient until a symbol comes. Then for five minutes a day visualise this symbol and imagine the brilliant light of the sun is illuminating it. Then just let go of the image. Do this for 21 days and viola! Then just be open to a miracle.


Steve Nobel

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