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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hi there,

We all live in a world where so many things are possible. This is because we do not share one common fixed reality. Reality is more fluid than most people realise. No two people will look out and see the same world and this is because each of us see the world through the filters of our own beliefs thoughts feelings and expectations.

You may live in the same family and share the same house but you will not see the same world. You may walk out in the street with a friend and feel the same sunshine and experience the same rain but you will not live in the same world. In this world there are six billion different realities.

Now people with a similar outlook will tend to hang out together. People who believe the world is a violent place will hang out with people with similar attitudes. People who believe the world is a place of possibility will seek out each others company.

When you change what you believe about the world (and yourself) you will experience a different world. And you will want to hang out with different people. The question I have for you today is which world is it that you would you like to see?

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Steve Nobel
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