Which World Do You See?

Friday, September 26, 2008


Do you know that you create the world you see and attract to yourself all the situations and experience in your life? Do you see a world of joy or a world of misery? If you see a world of joy then you must know that the joy you are experiencing has no limits. There is no limit to the bliss, happiness and joy that can be experienced in life. The only limits are the ones you hold in place through your belief and expectation. If you see predominantly a world of misery then perhaps you could meditate on joy.

You help the world of misery by not adding to it. You help the world of misery by radiating joy. Some people are able to truly smile in the midst of great suffering. This is a state of spiritual mastery. This does not mean that you deny that misery exists in the world, that would be foolish. Instead witness the radiance of the human soul experiencing the illusion of suffering. You can help another who is suffering by being steady in your own light and connection to source and at the same time be aware that each being has a guiding light within them. People who suffer forget this guiding light and the most compassionate act you can do is help them remember. You do this by remembering your own inner guiding light. So today go forth and radiate!

Steve Nobel
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