The World You See is Not Really Real......

Monday, September 22, 2008


You know that the world you see is not really real? Well not real in the way that you think it is real. The world seems solid but it is not really solid. It is constructed from tiny particles of matter spinning around other particles at incredible speeds. The world around you and in fact your physical forms are not solid and they are not stable, they are constantly changing and renewing themselves.

Beyond the laws of matter and physics there are spiritual laws that say that we create our outer world from our inner world of thought feeling choice and belief. This means that the world you see is the world you expect to see. Whether you see a world of love or hate, prosperity or lack, joy or misery is up to you. It depends upon what you believe about yourself and your world. Your conscious mind is always on the lookout for the data that is in accordance with your beliefs. All other sensory data is ignored, or distorted, or interpreted in the light of what you believe. Therefore we all see different worlds. Some people primarily live in a world of celebration, love, hope, joy and support and others live primarily in a world of anxiety, confusion, doubt, fear, procrastination.

Everyone has an opinion about the world, and that includes you. You already have a map of reality inside your head that is not the same as the world you see. This map alters and distorts the world you see. If you believe in a world of conflict and hate then that is the world you will see and experience. If you believe in a world of hope and love then that is the world you will see and experience.

Now this shifts the onus onto you to choose the world you wish to see. No-one is going to change your mind for you. Now you could take off those filters you are wearing and try on a different pair! That would be interesting don't you think? Then again you could just keep doing what you are doing and pray for a miracle!

Want to try something different today? OK, today look out for the things you appreciate and love in the world. When you find your attention being drawn to things you do not like about the world just become aware of what you are doing and place your attention once more on appreciating your world. I predict that this little exercise will leave you feeling more hopeful and alive. Now that cannot be a bad thing, can it?

Steve Nobel


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