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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So you want to know how to change your beliefs and expectations? Well firstly you need to realise that every belief is but a thought about reality. Beliefs do not represent reality itself. The thing is that once you change a belief you will not only operate differently in the world, you will see a different world. OK, that being said, there are a number of stages to changing a belief:

1. You need to be open to questioning your existing beliefs. You need to question and if appropriate doubt your existing beliefs if you are ever to re-evaluate them. For instance you might believe that you cannot dance. You need to be able to question and then doubt this limiting idea about yourself if you are ever to change it.

2. You need to be open to exploring new and more expansive thoughts about reality. You need not be convinced that a new belief is true but you need to be open to the possibility. So let's say that you have the thought that dancing was a possibly for you, now you are more likely to give it a go.

3. You create a new thought or affirmation about what could be possible. When your mind starts to focus on the old belief you must be ware of it (usually you start to feel bad) and stop. Then focus on the new thought. Just immerse yourself in it to the exclusion of the old thought.

4. Then you can start to believe and act on the new thought as if it were true. Perhaps you go out and join a Salsa dance class. You might take a few lessons and be coached into how dancing is a possibility for you. As you do the new activity keep using the affirmation to neutarlise the effects of any self-judgement.

5. keep doing the new activity. Allow the new thought to take a deeper hold in your unconscious. Perhaps now you go dancing more often. You find that dancing is enjoyable. The more you believe the new thought the better you get. In no time your reality has expanded around what is possible for you.

I chose the area of dancing because this was an area I changed a few years back. I attended a personal development seminar and decided to challenge my firm belief that I could not dance. I took up Ceroc dance classes and although I felt I was terrible I persevered. I used an affirmation to calm my judgemental mind. After a few months I was more in the flow of it. After a year I could dance with confidence. I find dancing to be a great social skill and a great way to celebrate the gift of life. This belief change process can be applied to any area of life.

Steve Nobel
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