What Am I Here to Do?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Here is a response to a prosperity thought on life purpose:

"Dear Steve,
Thanks for the lovely prosperity thought. You've mentioned about the work I came to do on the earth but did not say what it was....Is it something similar to the work that you are doing I feel a lot of connection to protect the environment and the earth resources, am I on the right direction, am I meant to do this alone or with someone. (sorry Steve this is important, could you please tell me something since that you know more than me.
More blessing, Iklas"

Dear Iklas,
I cannot tell you what you are here to do.
Only you and your heart know the answer to that question.
You will find the answer in the things and activities you find important.
You will find the answer in your dreams and desires.
You will find the answer in the challenges that you have faced throughout your life.You will find the answer in the activites you are skilled in.
You will the find answer in the feedback you receive from others.
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