Your Magical Mind...

Friday, September 26, 2008


Your mind has the power to create. You can create drama's or miracles it is up to you. There are people out there in the world that do not realise their own creative power. What do they teach people in schools nowadays! OK, where were we......oh yes your power to create.

You need to know that you have more than one mind you have three minds. You have a conscious mind that is both logical and reflective, analytical and intuitive. You have an unconscious mind that remembers, learns and also maintains. It keeps your heart beating and your lungs breathing without any conscious need to do anything. Then you also have a higher mind. This part of you knows how to create miracles, it knows how you create your reality, it knows how to guide you on your path of joyful growth, it knows the reasons why you incarnated on the earth.

Today how about calling on your higher mind to guide you. Your higher mind will not interfere in your life. However, it will help you if you ask for that help. So how about thinking about one area where you need a little help from your higher mind and then just ask for help. Simple!
Steve Nobel
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