Wobbling Money Markets....

Monday, October 13, 2008


With all the wobbles in the money markets there is a wave of fear being generated in the collective consciousness. Many people are making anxiety and worry a daily meditation. Now this is probably not a good idea if you are someone who wants to live an abundant and joyful life.

This is not to say that fear is a negative energy. Fear has a positive side, it can stop us doing stupid things like stepping out of a speeding car or walking down a dark alley at night. The problem with fear is that we are not meant to feel anxiety all of the time. It is a survival mechanism. If we make fear a meditation it is like driving a car with one foot on the accelerator pedal and one on the brake pedal. This is a tremendous waste of time and energy. And in time it will wear out your vehicke prematurely.

If you take my advice make joy and prosperity a daily meditation. When you take your attention away from the collective fear in the world you will automatically feel better. When you place your attention on the good things happening in the world then your unconscious mind will stop reacting to the wave of fear and it will stop filtering out all the data that contains the energies of aliveness, joy, passion and prosperity in the world. So today focus on finding all the good in the world. What you seek you shall find.

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Steve Nobel
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