Blessing the Wealthy.....

Friday, September 26, 2008


You know one of the most effective ways you can step into a more abundant reality is to start to bless the wealth around you. Whenever you walk around a gorgeous shop full of wonderful things just bless the wealth you see. OK, want to take an even bigger step? Well if you really want to step into a more abundant reality start to bless the rich. Yes, that's right bless all the rich people you hear about, read about and see around you.

Now this little exercise will definately bring up all the judgement you have about wealthy people. It will show you how you resist wealth by judging those who have it. If you persist in this practise you will gain invaluable insights into how you keep wealth away.
You repel abundance and wealth through your limited perception and belief. Your judgements are clues to how you repel wealth from your life. If you judge those with money you will not want to attract money for fear of being judged by others. By blessing the rich you start to heal your judgemental nature. By blessing the wealthy you are giving space to the possibility that you can be wealthy.
Steve Nobel
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