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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hi there,

As I look out on the world I look for a world that is alive, joyful, miraculous and full of possibility. Now of course if I looked hard enough I could find a world of suffering and hopelessness. But why would I do that! In our world where so many realities are possible you can find people locked into suffering, misery and hopelessness.

The reason this is happening is complex to say the least. There are systems that lock people into misery, struggle and hopelessness. These systems are sustained by our collective believing, thinking and doing. The best thing that can happen to such systems is that they either transform or collapse. And of course the best thing that can happen to our collective consciousness is that it is shaken from its sleepy state and downloaded with some more useful ideas.

We are heading for a world where our collective thinking is heading for a big shift. Future generations will look back at this time and will probably judge some of our collective actions as barbaric and possibly criminal.

You are reading this prosperity thought because you are a part of the wave of change. You do not feel at home in a world of lack or hate. You do not see the earth as a commodity to buy and sell. You have strong values around justice for the earth and every living creature upon it. You have a feeling that something must change and you are willing to be a part of that change.

Today you can help the world by radiating blessings to people you meet. You can bless animals, plants, and places. The power of blessing is truly enormous and does much to neutralise the senseless hate and violence in the world.

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