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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hi there,

You are a magical being, and this is the case whether you realise it or not. Magic brought you into this realm and when you leave you will step beck into the magic of the Universe. In this dimension magic is just a possibility embedded in the possibility of a very mundane reality. It's a bit like the Harry Potter story where the magical people could not be magical in front of the non-magical 'muggle' people.

Now in this world there are many magicians who are still asleep to the possibility of magic. This is because by and large we have all been raised in a logical mechanistic worldview. Magic in this world is hidden and needs to be found. Once found it needs constant nurturing against the sleepiness of the world.

Today is a call to wake up and stay awake. Today how about becoming more aware of the activities that put you to sleep in the world? Then do less of them. Today how about becoming more aware of the activities that awaken in you a sense of aliveness and wonder? Then do more of them.

I am running some workshops soon, hope to see you there.

Living Magically in the Everyday World- London - 2 November
Dream Your Year 2009 Into Being - London - 22 November.


Steve Nobel

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