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Friday, November 28, 2008


When you give your mind a problem it will either keep going to solve that problem or give up saying that it is insoluable. Either way will consume lots of your mental energy. This is not a great use of your energy. We are trained through our years in the education system to focus our mind on solving problems and fixing things. This kind of thinking takes you away from the magical realm where solutions can appear by themselves without too much mental effort on your part. Over the past 17 years I have been re-training my mind to focus on dreams, goals and visions rather than on focusing my attention on problems.

One way to solve problems that does not take very much mental energy is to acknowledge the problem and then put it to one side. Then just before you go to bed ask your Higher Self to present you with a way forward that will take you beyond your perceived problem.

If you have managed to engage your mind in useful activities other than chewing on this problem then you will have a sufficiently clear conscious space to receive the way forward in the dream state.

I have used this method to receive guidance and information how about how to proceed when the resources available to my conscious mind were not sufficient to move forward through a perceived problem.

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Steve Nobel

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