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Monday, November 3, 2008

Hi there,

Today my prosperity thought is around the power of connection. One of the things I love to do is connect with magical people. It is a spiritual principle that all consciousness is interconnected in the Oneness of life. At a personality level we all seem seperate but at a magical level we are interconnected.

One of the philosophies that I have found really helpful in life is that of Huna, the ancient wisdom of Hawaii. The Kahunas, or shamans say that we have three selves, a conscious self (rational and intuitive), an unconscious self (memory and emotions) and a Higher Self (our personal connection with Universal consciousness). Our Higher Self knows the reasons why we incarnated and the lessons we seek to learn and the mission we seek to accomplish in this lifetime.

Learning to balance these three selves is a pathway to magic. When the conscious self opens to the Higher Self then magic can happen. So often the conscious self denies the reality of a spiritual self because it has been taught to believe in a rational and mechanistic paradigm. When the conscious self embraces the unconscious self then magic can happen. So often the conscious self distrusts the unconscious self because it has been taught by religion and (Freudian) psychology to distrust the lower nature. When the unconscious self begins to trust the conscious self then magic can happen. When the Higher Self starts downloading light into the conscious self through the unconscious self then magic will definately start to happen. When all three selves start to act in unison then miracles will occur naturally and easily.

Magic happens when we seek the company of magical people. You can always ask your Higher Self to help you create more heartfelt connections. You can do this in meditation. See your Higher Self as a ball of light hovering above your head. Tune into this ball of light and see a bridge of light form between your crown centre and the heart of the hovering sphere. Then begin to ask your Higher Self for help and guidance and see what happens. You might start receiving a communication as thoughts, images, feelings or physical sensations. Your Higher Self is your gateway to Universal Intelligence. Remember the old spiritual saying 'ask and it is given'?


Steve Nobel
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