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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hi there,

Magic is an art as well as a science. Magic is guided by spiritual principals or laws just as science is. One of the basic principles of spirituality is that everything in the Universe is alive, conscious, and has the potentiality of being responsive, friendly and helpful. This is a very different paradigm from the dominant mechanistic worldview that sees the Universe and human beings as essentially soul-less clockwork machines that go wrong and need fixing from time to time.

The magical worldview is that every being is alive and conscious. That does not mean that all life shares the same kind of consciousness. The consciousness of a tree is different to that of a crystal or a star. Although nature is alive and contains the divine spark of life in every blade of grass it does not operate like a bunch of characters in a Disney film.

If you want to learn to live more magically then get out in nature and start to connect with the powers that live around you in the natural world. These powers can help heal and guide your life if approached in the right manner. Sit with a friendly tree and ask it to bathe you in its energy field. Sit with a wise quartz crystal and ask it to help open your crown chakra to your Higher Self. In meditation connect with the guiding Angel of a wild animal species. Just ask for a power animal to come and guide you. Each animal has its own power and gifts. An eagle can grant you the power of a higher vision of your life. A wolf can grant you the power of insight and wisdom into your life. A fox can grant you the power of cunning and stealth.

So today, why not take a walk on the wild side? Go on, let your hair down!

My next workshop in the UK is Dream Your World, London - 22 November.

Steve Nobel

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