The Mayans Say a Great Light is Being Born Today...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hi there,

Most of you know about the Mayan Calendar and have heard about the wisdom traditions talk of the prophecies of 2012. Well right now we are at the Dawning of a New Day in the cycle of the Mayan calendar. Since last November we have been in what the Mayans called the Xibalba.. and the Xibalba comes to end today with the full moon in Taurus. Xilalba has felt for many like passing through the dark night of the soul. A time for facing old fears and old shadows. On the world stage this has been a time of fearful scenarios where old power structures have sought to dominate the world.

According to my friend and shamanic teacher Chris Waters, Xilalba is passing today with the coming of the full moon. This means we are entering a more hopeful time, one where we can more easily step into our authentic power and manifest our collective dream for global peace and prosperity. On the global stage we are all no doubt looking forward to a more enlightened presidency under President Obama. So today is a time to celebrate for a great trial is over and a great light is coming to the earth.

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Steve Nobel
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