The Magic of Inspiration....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hi there,
One of the qualities I most seek in the world and in myself is the quality of inspiration. Some people seek peace others love and these are truly wonderful things, yet what i have grown to love is inspiration. Inspiration is behind all the great inventions and innovations in life. Inspiration is the passion behind all the great writers and poets and orators.
Inspiration is one of the ingredients for living a magical life. Inspiration is a fire that ignites the mind and heart. In yuor world there will be people and places that hold the potential to ignite this fire within you. In the world there are books and films that can light this inner fire. In the world the different kingdoms of nature can awaken the force of inspiration within you.
You cannot find inspiration through the intellect. You cannot plan for its emergence in your life just as I cannot plan the next sentence I will write in this prosperity thought. Inspiration is the force that leads you to the next obvious step in life. When you encounter this force you will know it through its enlivening presence. Inspiration is also found in deep silence and reflection.......
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Steve Nobel
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