Powerful Transitions...22 February 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This coming Sunday I am running a workshop in central London called Powerful Transitions.
This workshop is designed for people who are either approaching or in a transition of some kind.

We live in uncertain times and this will seem very scary or exciting or a mixture of both depending on how you perceive it. Your life will take you through a series of transitions. You have passed from childhood to adolescence. You have passed from adolescence to adulthood and as an adult you will experience change in many areas of your life, in your relationships and your career particularly.

Even though you have already been through many changes it may not make it any easier. Change does not have to be a process that causes you to suffer. Change can be a way to clear out the deadwood in your life. It can be a time to reassess the important things in life. It can be a time to reclaim your aliveness, direction and joy.

Without the tools to deal with transitions you can become stuck in a loop of uncertainty, fear and even chaos. You may fear endings because you have no clear vision of what's next, but at the same time any new ventures or opportunities can seem equally as daunting.

We have discovered that playing safe in life might not be the best strategy in the long run. We you think of as safe is in fact riddled with uncertainties and hidden risks. There is a magic in boldness and in following your heart's desire. This workshop will help you to deal with transitions that either is just ahead of you or you are experiencing now.

Because we feel that change work is so important at this time myself and my good friend Davide de Angelis are re-running our Powerful Transitions workshop this coming Sunday. You can book in advance or turn up on the day.

Steve Nobel
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