The Great Awakening........

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hi there,

You probably know by now that we are living in a time of great awakening. We are waking up from old dreams of religious, scientific and materialistic dogma, we are waking up to our authentic deep selves, the bright spirits we truly are. What this means is that we are beginning to access a wisdom that is beyond our personality selves. This is essential if humanity is to survive and thrive.

For thousands of years the collective consciousness on the planet has generated conflict, war and great suffering on the planet. This terrible heritage is about to be transformed. Two thousand years ago a great master of love was born on the planet. He predicted a second coming and that time is now. Only this time the second coming is not happening in the body of one master, it is happening as as many awakened souls are now being born here.

Many lights are being switched on across the planet. Many old systems are dying and in their place new ways of being and living will be birthed on the planet. The vibrations of joy and light are getting stronger daily. We are passing through a number of energy shifts as we head for 2012 and beyond.

This is a time of tremendous challenge. Challenge is there in your life to help you grow stronger. Challenge is there in your life to help you hold more light. Challenge is there to help you make more enlightened choices. Challenge is there to help you develop inner qualities such as confidence and courage.

As you head towards 2009 allow your challenges to help you more clearly define your dreams and goals for the year ahead. Imagine that you have moved beyond your challenges. For a moment forget what you do not want. Instead dwell on what you would love to experience instead of your challenge. What dreams are calling to you in your future? The clearer you are on your goals the easier they will manifest into your reality. The more energy and excitement you feel about your goals the less energy you will be sending to your problems.

Steve Nobel
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