Choosing Your Reality in 2009....

Saturday, December 20, 2008


The year ahead will be as amazing and magical as you decide it to be. The year ahead will be as loving and love filled as you choose it to be. The power of choice is an incredible tool. Perhaps you have never really learnt how to consciously choose your reality. This is not something they will teach you in school. This is not something you will hear about in University. Choosing consciously is not the same as choosing from habit or reaction.

You can choose your reality by getting clear about what you want in your life. Getting clear means being able to explain to another person what you would be seeing, hearing and touching if your dream manifested in your life. If you cannot do this then you are not really clear about what you want.

It is fine to talk about dreams in terms of abstract qualities such as having more love and joy in your life. Getting clearer means being more specific about what you would be experiencing if you had more love and joy in your life. So take a few minutes today about what you would love to manifest in your reality in 2009.

Want a simple meditation? OK, as you think about what you want allow the feelings of having your dreams flow around your body. As you bring your dreams to consciousness notice what colour these dreams are to your imagination. Perhaps a golden yellow, bright blue, or rainbow light. Make this colour brighter and more intense. And then send all of this energy to the year ahead, see it as a band of fluid light flowing through the year ahead. Enjoy!

Steve Nobel
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