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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hi there, and welcome to my little abundance corner.

Here are 10 powerful statements for you to consider. I encourage you to read them slowly and as you do so feel which ones resonate as a strong ‘yes that is already true for me’ and which ones resonate as a ‘no that statement is not yet true in my reality’:

o You are fully capable of achieving what you want to achieve;
o You deserve abundance and prosperity;
o You are fully capable of being successful in the work you choose to do;
o You are resourceful, creative and innovative;
o Your world is full loving and lovable people;
o You deserve emotional fulfilment;
o You are physically gorgeous;
o You are dreaming your highest and most joyful reality into being;
o You are in the flow of opportunities, synchronicities and miracles;
o You are loved and supported by spirit.

You may have some areas that are doing well and other areas that need a little work. The statements that resonate as a complete and 100% yes can become wonderful anchors to help you creating what you want in other areas of your life. Take the statement that feels the strongest yes. Meditate on this statement, and dive into the positive feelings in your body when you think about this statement. Amplify that feeling and send it swirling around your body. What colour does this statement generate? With your imagination make that colour brighter and more intense and send it around your body. Then open your eyes. Now mediate on the statement that is the strongest ‘no’. Find the feelings in the body and the colour, do not amplify these just find them and then open your eyes. Now close your eyes again and think of this limiting statement, this time as you do so bring in the colour of the positive statement into your body. See it merge with the colour of the limiting statement and transform it utterly. This may produce a new colour. Now do the same for the feelings, bring in the positive and merge with the negative. This may produce a new feeling. Keep doing this until you feel a shift in your body. Now take the new feeling and colour and amplify them and swirl them around you. This will change your inner state about the negative statement.
Happy transformation!
Steve Nobel
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