Your World is Changing...And That is Reason to Celebrate!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hi there,

You live in a world that is gradually waking up. The old ways of doing things no longer seem to work as well. Your grandparents lived in a world that was more conservative and rigid in thinking. They lived in a world of fixed roles, for instance male and female stereotypes were more dominant than they are nowadays. Men went out to work and women stayed at home and raised the children.

All of that is now changing. You live in a world that is changing. Many old systems are breaking down. The Victorian money system is under pressure to reform itself or be reformed by Government. Religious systems no longer dominate our thinking. You probably question the dogma of outmoded belief. Even the time of the tyranny of science has passed. You probably also question the ethics of a science that builds deadly weapons and viruses and polluting machines.

You are living in a world of emerging spirituality. New spiritual ideas are everywhere and new holistic views are emerging.

You have probably already realised that this global awakening first begins on the inside. You no longer need a guru on your path of awakening. The guru is within you. The power to recreate your life is within you. But are you listening to the inner whispers, or is the inner voice of your spirit being drowned out by the demands of the world?

Steve Nobel
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