A Question of Faith.....

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hi there,
After my recent webinar called Dreaming Your World Into Being I received the following email from Jo:

Dear Steve,
Thanks I listened to your talk last night it was fantastic and helped me a lot.
I wrote a question to you about how I got hit by a cyclist whilst crossing a pedestrian crossing
on the day I asked for a 'sign' if all this manifestation stuff is true.
It was a nasty manifestation ( I hurt my leg very badly)but I recon my unconscious mind wasn't looking left and right that day open to anything, rather dangerous.
Also I always wondered why I got so much bad luck when I'm a jolly sort of person who likes themself and is optimistic. Cheers and thanks again Jo

Interesting question, my answer was on two levels, thought you would like to read it:

Hi Jo, here is my answer which is on two levels:
1. Your question itself contained a presupposition of doubt. When I learned tarot many years ago I discovered that if you doubted the original reading and asked for another the cards always came back as gobbledook because of the question.
The quality of the messages from the Universe depends on the quality of your questions. If you asked a question for example such as what is my next step in this area of my life the question is specific and also presupposes that you will get a useful answer.

2. You may still have some beliefs that it is dangerous to play with magic or with spirit, could be from this life, most likely from other lifetimes. This is very common with older souls who have been persecuted for following a spiritual path. I trained in something called Spiritual Response Therapy which was very good for clearing out such issues. Also I trained in Theta Healing which is equally as powerful.
Hope this helps.
Love Steve
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