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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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There are different ways to connect with your intuition. Your intuition is your inner knowing that something is right for you at a particular time. This of course does not mean that it will always be right for you. Your intuition is the clear channel of communication between your conscious mind that looks out into the world and your unconscious mind that receives data from the world through your physical senses and also receives data through your energy bodies and chakra system.

What stops most people connecting with their intuition is: they do not believe they have an intuition; they do not know how to distinguish intuition from fantasy; they cannot connect to their intuition because it is being drowned out by constant internal chatter or information overload.

Perhaps the most common way of working with your intuition is through your feelings. Your intuition is not your emotional reactions and your intuition tends to work best when you are emotionally still and calm. It is not possible to connect with your inner guiding intuitive wisdom when you are feeling angry, depressed, fearful or sad. To connect with your intuition it is important to develop a practise of inner stillness. You can do this through regular meditation, walking in nature, being in silence, or through yoga or Tai Chi where you connect to the wisdom of your body. It is very difficult to have an accurate intution if you do not feel connected to your body and grounded in life.

Another very common way to connect with your intuition is through your imagination. You can tune into a situation and receive images from your unconscious mind that can give you profound insight and guidance. With practise some people get a sense of colour when they tune into different choices. Some get still pictures and others get full blown movies unfolding in their imaginations. I recently had a question that related to my direction in my work. My conscious mind did not know the answer but was aware of certain choices I could make. When I tuned in my unconscious mind gave me a whole internal movie that described where I was at now, the journey I was taking and the direction I needed to take. Not only that the inner movie let me know how it would feel once I arrived in this new place. Using my imagination helped me to take the right choice. Not only that a lot of stress I was creating around making the right choice just dropped away.

When you learn how to engage your intuition in your life you will find that it becomes an invaluable resource that can help you in every area, from your relationships to how you make money in the world. Over the years my intuition has saved me thousands of pounds and led me to situations where i have earnt thousands of pounds. In my romantic relationships my intuition would tell me when a relationship was not working and it was time to leave. My intuition also directly led me to meet my life partner who I have been with these past 10 years. So you see intuition is an invaluable resource that you ca either use or lose.

Steve Nobel
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